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Benefits of Learning Music

Why Learn from Interlude Music?

  • 2 classes/week, music workshops, and performance opportunities

  • Engaging lessons balancing concept learning and performing

  • Suitable for beginners to advanced learners

  • Affiliated with Trinity College London

  • Instructors are experienced and certified

  • Access to diverse support materials for offline practice

  • Follow an international-level music curriculum

  • Blend of performance and exam-focused learning

  • Monthly student performances to build confidence and interaction

  • Bi-annual recitals and level-wise examination and certification

Young Boy Playing the Piano
Online Music Lesson

Message to Parents

  • At IMA, our beginner students start learning and playing impressive music right from the start. The best part here is that there is nothing intimidating about either the lessons or the teachers.

  • We have thoughtfully designed lessons and hired specialized instructors. And we promise you that it will be an absolute delight to see your child learn in an interactive manner and enjoy performing music – vocals or instruments.

  • The lifelong benefits your child will obtain through music expand beyond the classroom and are transferable to every other academic subject, especially Maths and Languages. Children get better at solving problems.

  • If you are interested in learning more about our approach to music education and the methodology of IMA School, please set up a free counseling session with our team.

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