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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to use other mode of payments to opt for monthly recurring plans?                                                     
    Bank Details:
    Bank Name - ICICI Bank Limited
    Account Name - Orgze Eduecom Private Limited
    Account No. - 369505000917
    IFSC Code - ICIC0003695
    Branch Name - Nagarbhavi 2nd stage

      UPI ID: orgze@icici
      QR Code: 
- Complete the payment process and take a screenshot of payment confirmation                                                                                   

- Send an email to with below listed details: - Attach payment confirmation screenshot - Mention the Fee Plan you paid for  - if  you prefer to fix your slots, mention the day and timings of the slots 

NOTE: It would take 24 to 48 hours for us to complete the process to enable the respective fee plan and the slots on your account

  1. How to set fixed slots for my classes?                                                                                                                                                                 

  2. Once you decide on the day and timings from the class schedule calendar on the website, drop an email to with the slot details. 

    NOTE: It would take 24 to 48 hours for us to complete the process to enable the respective fee plan and the slots on your account


  3. How to cancel and reschedule my booked sessions?
    - Click on your profile name on the right side of the website page
    - Select ‘My classes’ from the dropdown
    - Click on the down arrow which is next to ‘Reschedule’ option
    - Click on 'Cancel' and confirm cancellation to cancel
    - Click of 'Reschedule' option to reschedule the session


  4. Will I get a refund if i cancel a session?
    No refunds processed if the sessions are cancelled by the user. However, user who are site members (hold any subscriptions) will have an option to get a session count (a credit) back to their account, if the sessions are cancelled before three days from session start date. Users can schedule another session at their convenience with in the respective subscription validity time.


  5. Can I schedule a session on the website an hour before session start time?
    No, users can schedule the sessions two days before the session start date and time.


  6. Can I opt for specific teacher for my classes?
    Yes, you can filter the class schedule calendar with the respective teacher's name and block their available slots accordingly. 


  7. What if i could not cancel my scheduled sessions within the given time due to medical issues?
    Only site members (subscription holders) can avail an exception to cancel and reschedule their upcoming sessions until their recovery. Support team will hold such users upcoming sessions and credit the no. of sessions back to the user account and the same can be used within the subscription validity time.  

    Any sessions missed prior informing the medical situation are missed, such missed sessions cannot be credited back. 

    Users can drop an email to and seek support in getting their upcoming sessions cancelled from the system. 


  8. What will happen if i cancel my fee plan subscription?
    Most of our fee plans cannot be cancelled by the user once bought. Users opted for recurring fee plan, should contact support team to cancel their subscription which usually happen with 24 hours. 

    This kind of setup is due to a system constraint. When a subscription is cancelled by the user, system would take away unused sessions too. To avoid this, user must have the unused sessions scheduled first and then proceed to cancel the subscription.


  9. Can I book multiple slots at a time?
    Currently, the website does not have the facility to the users to schedule multiple slots at a time. However, this feature should be available in the near future. 


  10. Which video conferencing platform is being used?
    All the sessions are conducted on Microsoft Teams video conferencing platform


  11. Whom to contact for any escalations or concerns?
    Send an email to Only escalations emails are answered, not the general inquiries


  12. Which fee plan is the best option?
    If you prefer to fix prefer to have a fixed time slots for regular classes, opting for six months or yearly plan would be the best one. Once we receive the subscriptions for six months or yearly plan, all of your purchased slots will be booked upfront.

    Through monthly fee plan, slots will be booked only for a month which is equal to 8 sessions. There are high chances that the same slots might be booked by the other person for the following month and you might have to opt for other available slots. It might be a time killing for you.

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