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Guidelines for Students

Following guidelines help students pursue the respective course effectively:

1. Follow the course in order. The courses are chronicled to help you learn concepts in a logical progression

2. Even if you already understand a concept, review it and do practice the assignments

3. Try to master each concept and skill before moving to the next level

4. Practice each skill until you feel comfortable with it

5. If a skill is too hard for you, do your best and move on.

6. It is better to finish the course than to quit because you might have difficulty with one or two skills

7. With the following three P’s – Patience, Practice & Perseverance, you will eventually master all the skills

8. Follow all the practice instructions, this will help you learn the skills faster

9. Punctuality and discipline are the only paths to take you in the journey to perfection – be it Music or any other facet of life.

10. Academy will not be conducting any classes on certain festival days. Holiday list will be published on the website

11. Academy does not supply instruments free of cost. All students should have an instrument available for regular practice. Contact us for more details on the sales

12. Students are advised to be ready at least 10 to 15mins prior to the session

13. Install Skype  app on your respective devices. Also, note we may use Google Meet app if case technical issues during the session.

14. During the session, avoid disabling the video. Do it only if asked by the faculty.

15. Students/Parents are requested to accept the meeting invite sent on email to receive a calendar reminder.

16. Students/Parents are requested to install the 'Skype' app on the respective devices.

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