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Carnatic Vocal - Junior Grade - Level 1 of 4

Age - 9+ years

About the Course

Embark on a melodic journey steeped in tradition with our Carnatic Vocal Course. Discover the rich heritage of South Indian classical music as you learn the intricacies of ragas, talas, and soulful compositions. Join us and unlock the secrets of this ancient musical art form


Carnatic Vocal - Junior Grade - 9+ years - Level 1 of 4:

Syllabus - State Board

Introduction of Sapthaswaras

Sarale Varase - Madyasthayi

  • Madyasthayi Varase - Exercise 1 & 2

  • Madyasthayi Varase - Exercise 3 & 4

  • Madyasthayi Varase - Exercise 5 & 6

  • Madyasthayi Varase - Exercise 7 & 8

  • Madyasthayi Varase - Exercise 9 & 10


  • Bhajans - 2

  • Devaranama - 2

Sarale Varase - Hecchusthaayi

  • Hecchusthaayi Varase - Exercise 1

  • Hecchusthaayi Varase - Exercise 2

  • Hecchusthaayi Varase - Exercise 3

  • Hecchusthaayi Varase - Exercise 4

  • Hecchusthaayi Varase - Exercise 5

Sarale Varase - Taggusthaayi

  • Sarale Varase - Taggusthaayi - Exercise 1

  • Sarale Varase - Taggusthaayi - Exercise 2

  • Sarale Varase - Taggusthaayi - Exercise 3

  • Sarale Varase - Taggusthaayi - Exercise 4

  • Sarale Varase - Taggusthaayi - Exercise 5

Regular practice and timely assignment submission would provide an opportunity to learn additional exercises within the course duration.

Junior Grade - 4 to 9 years:

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Junior Grade - 9 years & Above:

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Course Include


Elevate your musical journey with our accredited Music Course Certificates from Trinity College of London. Achieve proficiency in rhythm, melody, and technique with our specialized programs. Showcase your talent and dedication with a certificate that resonates with excellence.


Step onto the stage of musical mastery with our Music Course live performances. Elevate your skills through real-time experiences, showcasing your talent and passion in a dynamic and supportive environment.


Learn from the best in the industry with our esteemed Music Course faculty. Our experienced instructors bring passion and expertise, guiding you to musical proficiency and artistic expression.


Hone your musical skills with precision through our Music Course assessments. Gauge your skills, receive constructive feedback, refine your talents under the guidance of seasoned instructors. Uncover your potential and progress confidently through our tailored assessment process.

Individual Attention

A structured learning with our lesson-based classes. Dive deep into each topic with focused instruction, and personalised feedback. Guiding you on a journey of growth and mastery, one lesson at a time. Students to practice regularly, perform and ensure to complete all the lessons within the course duration. 

Summer Classes

Summer programs offer flexible schedules, making it easier for students to fit music lessons into their summer activities. Students are allowed to utilise their unutilised make-up classes which could reduce the total fee payable during summer program. *conditions apply

Make-up Classes

Make-up classes help students catch up on missed lessons and stay on track. We offer make-up classes for membership holders only with 2 or 4 sessions per year which is not allowed to carry forward but to utilise before the month of May every year.  *Increase no. of make up classes at additional costs.

₹ 11,250

(Excluding GST)
Save ₹ 7,200
36 Sessions
Age - 9+ years

This Course Include:

2 sessions per week

Membership Access

University Certification

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If you have any questions about our academy or our team of instructors? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us

+91 9164656656 | 7760740666

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Vijayalakshmi B

Vijayalakshmi B

Meet our esteemed senior Carnatic vocal teacher, a beacon of musical excellence. With a deep-rooted passion for nurturing talent, blending traditional wisdom with modern teaching methods to inspire and empower students.

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